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Mental Damnation: Dream by Konn Lavery is now available in ebook format. Find out what lies in the depths of a psychological hell:

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Mental Damnation: Dream

Mental Damnation: A brain disease that causes horrific hallucinations, paranoia and schizophrenia. Normally this disease is only seen in humans, but an underworld reptilian named Krista has been infected and is discovered in the Kingdom of Zingalg under strange circumstances.

She becomes a key interest of two men, Paladin and Dr. Alsroc, who struggle to cure the nightmarish disease. Krista finds herself torn between two worlds, gaining acceptance amongst the humans of Zingalg while fighting to survive in the hellish dream world of Mental Damnation. Or is it reality?

Inside this uncertain realm known as Dreadweave Pass, Krista is being hunted down by the realm’s ruler – a corrupt god known as the Weaver who wants her blood for his retribution plot against the Heavens that once banished him!

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Follow the footsteps of a young reptilian named Krista whose people, the vazeleads, have been banished to the underworld by man. She and her friend, Darkwing, fight for survival as their society’s leaders are corrupted by an unnatural illness known as Mental Damnation. The fallen leaders take a bizarre interest in Krista’s innocence, attempting to infect her with the disease and take her to the nightmarish realm known as Dreadweave Pass.


Disease Analysis

Disease Analysis

His documentation holds his own personal logs from past patients, explaining key facts about Mental Damnation and how it consumes its victims. The entries in the following journal summarize the disease, then delve into details about the symptoms that the victims suffered.

While each patient Dr. Alsroc had was devoured by the disease, leaving him defeated, the doctor continued to pursue Mental Damnation. He sought to uncover why the mysterious symptoms were always parallel to the previous victim. In each case, they believed they had been condemned to eternal punishment in Hell.

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August 15, 2014

Shirts at the Fringe!

By SANE Clothing

As seen in last month’s newsletter update, the new and quickly uprising clothing company SANE Clothing has started printing Mental Damnation artwork. They have quality shirts with a digital printing process that allows the ink to soak into the shirts for more durable, softer and comfortable wear. SANE Clothing has been hitting the road all […]

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July 23, 2014

New Novel This Fall

The next installment of the Mental Damnation series, Fusion.

Continuing the story of Krista from Dream, the new novel of the series kicks off this fall! The story plummets deeper into the mental hell known as Dreadweave Pass introducing new characters – heroes and villains alike – seen both in the Heavenly Kingdoms and in Dega’Mostikas’ Triangle. Previous characters reveal traits that you wouldn’t […]

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July 6, 2014

Whyte Ave Chapters, Edmonton

More Summer Book Signings

Last month launched the first Mental Damnation: Dream book signing at Happy Harbor Comics – big thanks to everyone who came out to say hi and pick up a copy! For July, the disease continues to spread over to Whyte Ave Chapters in Edmonton, Alberta! July 27th from 12 – 5 Konn Lavery will be […]

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June 11, 2014

Happy Harbor Comics Book Signing

First book signing of Mental Damnation: Dream

The first Mental Damnation: Dream book signing! Come on down to Happy Harbor Comics (10729 – 104 Ave, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3K1) on June 25th between 12 and 7 to get your copy of the new dark fantasy novel! Find the event on their website.

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April 17, 2014

Eek! Comic & Pop Culture Fest

The Damnation will be here May 31 - June 1

The Eek! Comic & Pop Culture Fest is a brand new show for Comic, Pop Culture, Sci-Fi fans, Artists and Creators everywhere. Konn Lavery (Mental Damnation) will be a part of the first fest! Bringing the new book, Dream, and the artwork of the novels. Find more information on their website at: http://theeek.com/

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